How to Live stream Your Speedruns on Twitch


Twitch is a streaming service that allows you to broadcast your gameplay online. This can be done in real time or through a video file. The site has been around for over 10 years and is one of the largest sources of live gaming content on the internet.

The live split is a program that allows users to live stream their speed runs on Twitch. This software allows the user to easily and quickly upload their speedrun to YouTube or Twitch with just one click of a button.

Streaming has always been an important aspect of speedrunning. Whether it’s to verify the legitimacy of a run or just to provide and receive speedrunning assistance. You’ve come to the correct spot if you want to get into speedrunning but don’t have a stream.

Making Your Own Stream of Speedrunning

There are a few factors that may deter individuals from streaming in general, although some of them may not be completely accurate. Examples of these causes include:

  • “Would anybody even pay attention to me?”
  • “Streaming to no one helps me in any way.”
  • “What is the point?”

Points one and two are essentially the same thing, therefore I’m afraid you’re looking at it incorrectly. Worst-case scenario, you have a classified catalog including all of your runs, which you may review and improve. In the best-case scenario, you meet some individuals that you can teach or learn from.

So, if you want to start a broadcast, you’ll need the ability to record your games. Most experienced streamers are aware that there are two major applications that are used. XSplit with OBS (Open Studio Broadcaster). Both have advantages and disadvantages.



OBS is a very configurable platform. includes open-source plugins and a quick-start option that adapts settings to your computer’s specifications On their website, there are links to a wiki that is chock-full of materials to help you improve your OBS skills. Audio filters, chroma-keying for your green (or blue) screen, and other, more sophisticated choices are among them.



XSplit is a more simplified experience than OBS, and it holds your hand a bit more. It also has a more official-looking user interface with a paid and free version.

XSplit and OBS are compared and contrasted.

The free version comes to transmit an XSplit watermark, while OBS is totally free with no strings attached. Both provide you access to a selection of fundamental plugins that will come in handy. You can import your scenes from OBS into XSplit, so you may compare the two and determine which is best for you.

Some argue that starting with XSplit instead of OBS is hamstringing (or crippling) yourself if you’re wanting to get into live streaming. The OBS plugins, as well as the clean and straightforward user interface and shift/alt/ctrl shortcuts, are excellent. However, if XSplit’s simplicity of use, particularly in the setup step, appeals to you, you should definitely give it a go!



So you’ve got a Livestream up and running, but what about timers?

For obvious reasons, timers are essential to have on your stream. LiveSplit is the most highly recommended app for keeping track of time. Many famous Twitch personalities use LiveSplit to keep track of their speed in real-time, and it is the most popular application for recording splits. Because you don’t need to download any plugins for OBS or XSplit to get LiveSplit functioning, it’s very simple to set up. You just target the window in your scene using window capture, and it works. By the way, LiveSplit also supports global hotkeys, so you can be sure you’re receiving correct timings even if you’re tabbing between windows. The following is a fast start guide for the layout shown in the example:

To begin, open LiveSplit after downloading it from Second, right-click the timer and choose “Edit Splits” from the menu. Third, click “OK” after tweaking your LiveSplit timing and inserting as many segments as needed using “Insert Below.” After then, right-click on the timer once again. Create your own timer for your broadcast by going to “Edit Layout…” and pressing the addition (+) button at the upper left. To begin started, I suggest using Timer, Splits, and Detailed Timer. Last but not least, select the “Layout Settings” button in the bottom left of the “Edit Layout…” choices. Uncheck “Fill with Blank Space if Not Enough Splits” under “Splits.” This will make your timer appear much more elegant and small.

If you don’t have a normal Windows PC or just wish to look at other timer choices, please see our detailed page on timers here: Which Timer Should You Use For Speedrunning? The Best Speedrun Timer – Which Timer Should You Use For Speedrunning?

Display of the Chat


So now you’ve got a solid basis for your Livestream setup. You will significantly benefit from showing your conversation if you wish to cross-post your finest runs to Youtube or other video-sharing sites. People like seeing people’s responses to the bizarre events that may (and will) occur during a live broadcast. This may be done via the OBS Streamlabs website, or by adding “IRC Chat Viewer” to XSplit’s “Add Source” then “Twitch Widgets” menu. It’s the same way on OBS. Log into your stream labs account, go to Widgets, and choose whatever box you like. After that, configure your chat, copy the URL, and import it into OBS as a Browser Source. Simply paste the URL and you’re done! You may send a text message in your own chat if you want to double-check that everything is functioning correctly.

So now you have everything you need to broadcast your adventures on whatever streaming service you want. Best of luck with your broadcasts and speed runs.

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The livesplit obs is a command-line tool that allows users to watch the speedruns of other players and live stream their own.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do streamers use for Speedruns?

Speedrunners use a variety of methods to complete a game as fast as possible. Some games have glitches that allow players to skip large sections of the game, while others require players to memorize paths or tricks in order to make it through quickly.

How do I stream on speedrun com?

You can stream to Twitch or YouTube.

How do you add a speedrun timer to Twitch?

You can add a speedrun timer to your stream by going into the settings and clicking on Add Timer.