The Best Elemancy Recipes in Final Fantasy XV


Final Fantasy XV is one of the most popular games for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game has a unique world, where you can explore different areas and fight monsters to get experience points and level up.

The FFXV best elemancy combinations is a blog that discusses the best recipes for each of the different types of magic in the game.

Final Fantasy XV’s magic is quite different from that of previous games.

Magic in Eos is produced utilizing elemental energy that is acquired via different ways, rather than being an inherent talent that particular individuals draw upon.

Spells are kept in dedicated flasks and may be used whenever you wish.

You have the option of adding an object to the mix while crafting a spell, and by doing so, you may add different elemancy enhancements to the cast.

In the game, there are quite a number of them. But which ones are worth spending the effort to find and use?

Let’s take a look at some of the better choices right now.

10. Venomcast


It’s all well and good to use offensive magic.

However, as the explosion occurs, the show is almost finished – but it doesn’t have to be.

With Venomcast on your side, any magics you develop and cast will poison foes after the explosion.

This is excellent against single-target opponents, but it truly shines in a group.

Consider a large sweeping snowstorm or blazing inferno that delivers damage and then leaves the enemy more handicapped with a poison powerful enough to destroy them in a matter of minutes.

It’s like if you’re unwrapping a gift that was hidden within another present.

Antidote or a Funguar mushroom are required items.

9. Put a stop to it


Stopcast is an elemancy that, like Venomcast, not only delivers the required damage from Final Fantasy magic, but also leaves opponents with a lingering condition.

The current status is Stop.

And, as you would imagine, halting them in their tracks leaves them unable to accomplish anything for a length of time.

Again, effective in one-on-one situations, but much better when confronted with a multitude.

Stopping a bunch of people in their tracks is a lot of fun – believe me on this (for you, not them).

Maiden’s Kiss or a Broken Harmonica are both required items.

8. Killcast


One might argue that all magic is essentially “kill casting.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case as often as you’d want.

Magic may be fun to use and leave opponents in a lot more pain than before, but casting spells is usually only one of many stages from the beginning to the conclusion of a fight.

The Killcast elemancy steps in to assist by giving your spells a fair probability of immediate death.

It’s possible that it won’t happen 100 percent of the time.

However, you’d be shocked how frequently you can gank whole groups with a single spread of the kill.

Gold Needle or Coeurl Whiskers are required.

7. Expericast


You’ll be looking for any and all opportunities to get as much experience as possible.

Because the items in Final Fantasy XV are handled more like money.

Using every possible route to get the items helps the party immensely.

Expericast is one of the lesser-known methods.

This elemancy gives you a flat experience boost to your magic, which may build up quickly if you’re a powerful caster.

Arapaima Roe fish or a Rare Coin are required items.

6. Healcast


“I’d want to do some magic, but I’m so low on hit points!”

Have you ever caught yourself saying anything along these lines?

Since 1987, it’s likely been mumbled by every Final Fantasy gamer.

After more than three decades, a compromise has been reached! With Healcast, you may cast a massive, hard-hitting spell to obliterate your foes while also restoring your own health!

It can not only heal your HP, but it can also restore characters’ maximum HP if it has been reduced.

It saves a lot of time and keeps the celebration rolling.

And, quite frankly, it simply makes you seem awesome.

Hi-potion or a Wild Onion are required.

5. Blastcast


In combat, there are moments when everything comes down to risk.

To end the battle fast, you may have to take a chance and assault.

Perhaps you don’t have time to recover, or perhaps you like to play fast and loose.

Blastcast may be just up your alley if this describes you.

This elemancy casts a spell that lowers the caster’s and their foe’s HP to one.

Of course, there is a significant danger.

Having an opponent down to a single health point in a single cast, on the other hand, is quite amazing, particularly when you have your allies to save your life and they don’t.

Giant Crab Pincers are required.

4. Broadcasting for free


It may be difficult to create magic in Final Fantasy XV.

Collecting elemental energy may be a pain and time-consuming process.

Weapons that absorb the enemy’s elemental energy, numerous flasks to store various spells, or utilizing the Freecast elemancy and hoping for the best are all options.

Freecast increases the likelihood that your spells will not consume the spells you produced, leaving you with an immediate need for another cast.

Freebies are also more common than you may think.

As a result, it’s always worthwhile to attempt.

Cactuar Needle or Platinum Ingot are required items.

3. Make a Powercast


Your spells become more potent when you use Powercast.

There are no more gimmicks.

And sometimes that’s all you need.

A large, strong Firaga to slay an Iron Giant, or a Thundaga to bring a flock of birds to a halt.

Powercast is capable of annihilating them all.

It amplifies the power of a spell by a factor of at least two.

And if you want to have even more fun, wait until nightfall and then light up the whole planet with a display of your supreme might!

Small Beak is a required item.

2. Quintcast


It may be irritating to cast spells. As a result, it’s always better to strive to get the most out of each invention.

Quintcast is one of the most effective methods to accomplish so.

Quintcast, as the name implies, causes any spell it’s connected to to be cast five times, with the final casting having twice the potency.

If you know a strong opponent is approaching and you know it’s weak to a certain element, make a Quintcast for it and send it back to the void.

Quintcast is without a doubt one of the game’s most helpful elemancy innovations.

Magitek Booster or Behemoth Horn are required items.

1. Maxicast


The ultimate elemancy is Maxicast, often known as Maximum Cast.

When you add it to a spell, it takes it to new heights and enables it to breach the damage cap.

If you strengthen your spell sufficiently and add Maxicast, you can deal up to 99,999 points of damage in a single cast.

Keeping a strong Maxicast in your pocket is almost essential if you want to get through a difficult fight or blast past the tedious levels of the Menace dungeons.

Or maybe you just want to show a level 1 opponent who’s boss.

Adamantoise Meat, Adamantite, or a Zu Beak are required items.

The Best Elemancy Recipes in Final Fantasy XV is a blog post on how to make the best recipes for magic spells. Reference: ffxv elemancy spell list.

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Dialogue choices do not matter in FFXV.

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