What is on the HAVEN Island’s USB drive?

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HAVEN Island is a game where players are on the run from an unknown group of people, trying to find their way off the island. The game has three levels, and each level will have a USB drive that contains some information about the game’s story.

The hitman 2 haven island USB location is a question that has been asked for years. The answer to this question is on the USB drive in the game’s safehouse.

What is on the USB drive on HAVEN island, along with the identity of the Mystery Man and the continuity of Absolution, is one of Hitman’s biggest mysteries. 47 will never be able to upload it, the thief, Williams, and Bradley will never debate its contents, and Vetrova will always be our sole source of knowledge.

Vetrova informs 47 that the drive has her personal information, and subsequently tells Bradley that the disk contains Williams’ information. Vetrova is also manipulating Bradley and is really working with someone called Puerto, thus the latter interpretation is more credible.

And if it had belonged to Williams, he would have destroyed it long ago unless it had emotional or monetary worth, or it contained mutually damaging information about her, Bradley, or another crime.

Vetrova used to hang out with a gang of “travelers who traversed Eastern Europe with their caravans,” and her trademark talent is swindling, extorting, and blackmailing foolish wealthy men.

The Plan

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Vetrova’s intentions, in sequence, seem to be as follows:

  • Portman’s technology will remove her name from every database.
  • Obtain embarrassing information about herself OR excellent blackmail material
  • Williams should be killed.
  • swindle money out of HAVEN
  • Puerto will be meeting with you in Paris.
  • Puerto may (maybe) betray him.

Any of these ideas may benefit from the USB Drive.

USB Drive

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  • Possibly incriminating photos/videos of Vetrova, as ManyATrueNerd speculates. Vetrova’s former bathroom and bedroom are covered by the cameras in the private security room. Williams isn’t so prickly that he’ll use the knowledge to blackmail Vetrova into remaining in his relationship, but he is prickly enough that he’ll use it to threaten her with continuing to work for HAVEN or as vengeance if she betrays him, as well as for lonely evenings. Vetrova would be willing to remain longer in order to recover it because of the possible embarrassment.
  • Compromise photos/videos of Williams, as ManyATrueNerd speculates. I’m not sure why Williams would retain anything like that; maybe he has sadomasochistic inclinations. Vetrova wants it so she can use it against him if he attempts to find her.
  • Vetrova and Williams’ sex video. Vetrova may use a combination of the aforementioned two to scare Williams with the tape while also preventing Williams from seeping it out.
  • Vetrova’s incriminating proof Vetrova isn’t a girl scout who wraps guys around her finger like a rubber band, and she seems to be sticking to her old seduction tactics, although with the help of call girls. Williams may have proof that she was involved in a big scandal, or that she personally killed, assaulted, or arranged a transaction. It accomplishes the same goal as Vetrova’s imaginary porno: Williams has the ability to blackmail her, but she does not willing to take the chance.
  • Williams has incriminating information from his mafia days, which she may use to blackmail him. Maybe he’s so guilty that he carries it with him suicidally, or maybe he’s proud of his past and enjoys reminiscing about his misdeeds. Vetrova may use it against him as a kind of blackmail.
  • Vetrova and Williams (and perhaps Bradley) have incriminating information relating to their business dealings with HAVEN. A business contract, logistics, and a transcript of their discussion For the aim of blackmail.
  • Vetrova has a file containing her name, biography, and other information that may aid police in tracking her down and wiping her database clean.
  • Something necessary to get access to Portman’s computer.
  • A master access key to HAVEN servers, as Devang Nivatkar suggested, which she might threaten to release.
  • She would utilize information on the Partners’ new identities to blackmail them, use it as pressure on Williams, or even expose them.
  • She intends to blackmail or expose another HAVEN client.
  • Puerto’s information may be used to protect, blackmail, or incriminate him.
  • Puerto and his associates are working on something that may aid in a robbery.
  • Map of the hidden treasure.
  • Explicit images, damning proof, the list is really very long.
  • Saves from Hitman may be transferred to Hitman 2.So, why isn’t this a possibility? Or maybe it is, and I’m just not seeing it. Isn’t our information stored on IO’s servers? Isn’t Hitman 2 simply a reworked “season 2” published under WB Studios, which now owns IO to a large extent? I understand it… you don’t carry over in most games…
  • HITMAN 2: HITMAN ROULETTE is now available.Hitman Roulette now supports HITMAN 2 missions thanks to your assistance. Observations on the assistance: Check out the about page if you’re not sure what Hitman Roulette is. The weapon, disguise, and exit listings are still missing. See this datasheet to see what’s presently in. The green ones are in, but I’ve decided to leave the red ones out for the time being. …

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The lockpick haven island is a USB drive that was found on the HAVEN Island in Assassin’s Creed IV. It can be used to unlock chests and doors, as well as other things.