What if Riot Gave Ivern Unique Jungle Item or Green Smite

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Ivern, the new champion released in League of Legends has been a fan favorite for his unique personality and gameplay. His story is one of a young man who left his home to explore the world and learn about nature. The community has loved him so much that he even won the 2017 All-Star Event! One thing they have not loved though is how he can only purchase wards with gold, which makes it difficult to be competitive without spending real money on extra wards.

The Ivern league of legends is a question that has been asked before. Riot has given Ivern a unique jungle item that transforms into a support item after completing a questline.

Hello to anybody who happens to be reading this!

I’m an Ivern Main, which may or may not surprise you, and I have a completely non-biased suggestion for how to change/balance/buff, whatever you want to call it.

I enjoy the concept and dream of being a helpful jungler who protects, peels, and enhances the champions of my teammates. Season 11 got off to a great start for me as a fan of that playstyle. When season 11 arrived, I was allowed to attend Spell Thief’s, which was fantastic, not just because of the additional money, but also because of the wards. That was soon deleted since it might be abused by anybody. I liked it so much that I devised an unconventional playstyle in which I sold the jungle item for 4 charges and purchased Spell Thief’s to get access to wards and Wardstone (which, amazingly, functioned even in the jungle)

elo master tier). This was a fantastic straight, but it is no longer “possible” because to the “recent” modifications to smite’s connection to the jungle item.

So here’s my suggestion: give Ivern a one-of-a-kind jungle item called “Protector of the Forest” that works similarly to other jungle things. When you smite 5 times and finish the jungle item quest, the item transforms into a one-of-a-kind support item with a questline to complete. In terms of balance, the questline’s prize is something I’m not convinced about. Obviously, I am prejudiced and would want the most broken item, but I have two ideas that I believe are both promising and not too broken.

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  1. Ivern gets access to a special warding mechanism after completing the “Protector of the Forest” questline. Ivern’s equipment comes with X charges of “Ally of the Forest,” which he may use on any jungle camp. If “Ally of the Forest” is used on a camp, Ivern (and only Ivern) has X seconds of view of and surrounding the camp (45-120 maybe, scaling with level, time etc). If an opponent kills a camp afflicted by “Ally of the Forest,” they receive the “Wraith of the Forest” debuff, which makes them visible to Ivern for X (15-30) seconds while in the jungle.
  2. Ivern receives a special support item and Green smite after using smite five times. The questline for the unique support item needs Ivern to liberate up to 5 distinct enemy jungle camps in order to upgrade the equipment. When upgraded, the item provides Ivern with four stealth wards, which are replenished when he returns to base. Ivern’s enhanced Green Smite is a targeted heal that heals an ally for X amount of health at the expense of part of Ivern’s own health and Mana (the cost of his passive when he marks a camp).

Since the vision is restricted to the jungle camp(s) and Ivern is the only one that receives the vision, I believe option 1) is more thematically appropriate and something that could be experimented with. It may be used offensively in the enemy jungle or defensively in your jungle to alert you of an invasion and allow you to follow them down if they destroy the “warded” jungle camp. I also believe it’s a good idea to give Ivern a Green smite that can heal an ally at the expense of Mana and Health. Some may believe this is incorrect, however bear in mind that the only things that enhance Ivern’s clear speed are movement speed, levels, and smite. Because you only have two smite charges, you won’t be able to invade, safely complete objectives, or clear your jungle quicker if you use smite to heal and ally.

When you complete the questline, the “smite/support item” will count as a mythic and will have some stats, but the pros and cons of having such an item are that it will weaken Ivern’s late game because you will have one less item slot (which is when Ivern’s win rate is at its highest), but it will improve his early game (which is where he is the weakest).

I believe this is a great concept, but I’m prejudiced, so I’m wondering what you guys think. Is this a ridiculous and unrealistic suggestion, or do you believe this (or something like) might be a decent idea?

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Giving Ivern a one-of-a-kind trinket that functions similarly to “Ally of the Forest” might be a very interesting update. Ivern’s warding choices would be limited, but it would create a really unique dynamic between Ivern and the opposing jungler (at least for Ivern). Invading Ivern could now be more punishing if you kill a camp and get the debuff “Wraith of the Forest,” which allows Ivern to track you down and hunt you down to avenge the dead animals. It could also lead to some interesting invades from Ivern, where instead of taking camps, he could “ward” one and leave it up on purpose (a trap, if you will) so he can later track the enemy jungler.

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“How would you guys feel if Riot provided Ivern a unique jungle item (and/or Green smite) that turns into a support item that allows him access to regular or unique wards after finishing a questline?”

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When Ivern was released, he had a unique jungle item that changed into a support item at level 6. This would be the perfect opportunity for Riot to give him a unique ward item that transforms into a support item when completed. Reference: ivern guide.