The Mexican Runner Takes on The God Run Challenge in Cuphead


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The Google Play services keep stopping j7 is a problem that has been present for a while. Google has released 9 fixes to fix the issue. Topic: The Mexican Runner Takes on The God Run Challenge in CupheadCategory: GamingMust Have: cuphead speedrun 2023

The God Run is the newest Cuphead challenge from the Mexican Runner, the ultimate gaming superstar!

TMR (The Mexican Runner) is a speedrunner that likes to play vintage games, especially the NES. TMR now owns 30 global speedrun records, with times on the leaderboards of 40 different games. Despite his numerous achievements in speedrunning, he is best known for something else. He was also the first player to finish the full Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) library. And he accomplished it all on Twitch, with the majority of the games being played blind. Despite the fact that this was an enormous task, it only took him three years to complete. TMR finished all 714 legally licensed games in only three years, nicknamed NESMania. TMR’s website,, has additional information about this project, including TMR’s game ratings.

Returning to his speedrunning achievements, TMR holds several world records in the games Battletoads, Contra, and Cuphead. In Battletoads, solo world records include 100 percent at 28:34s, Hitless at 30:56s and Warpless at 23:42s. TMR holds the world records for Hater percent in both Legacy (1h 03m 00s) and version 1.1 (1h 02m 04s) of Cuphead, as well as the All S+P category in Legacy (1h 03m 00s) (37m 16s). Cuphead Legacy is the same launch build as the first edition of the game. It does not have any fixes or future support. StudioMDHR officially released it on Steam for those who enjoyed the early speedrun technology.

What does the Hater% Speedrun Category entail?


If you’re unfamiliar with Cuphead’s Hater percent category, it’s the game’s most difficult speedrun category. TMR was the one who created this category. It was created in response to haters’ complaints about Cuphead’s speedrunning.

The run begins with a clean file, and the runner must achieve a 200 percent completion rate on all boss levels with all S ranks. This is the highest ranking, and it can only be obtained in expert mode. To accomplish so, a player must suffer no damage, parry at least three times, and defeat bosses fast. The player must have a P rank in run-and-gun levels, which means he can take damage but not shoot enemies.

To add to the difficulty, the player must complete all of this while only using the basic weapon, a pea shooter, and they are not permitted to use any upgrades or powers obtained from shops. They must also collect all coins, purchase all items, and defeat all sub-bosses on King Dice. If a player takes any damage during a fight or fails to meet any of these requirements, the fight must be restarted from the beginning.

The God Run is TMR’s most recent challenge


TMR’s latest challenge, while not a speedrun, is to complete a God Run in Cuphead. Only one other player, a speedrunner known as Sublime on Twitch, has completed this challenge. To complete the God Run, TMR must complete not only each level but the entire game without taking any damage — all while adhering to the same rules as Hater percent.

TMR’s world records in Hater percent should aid him in completing this challenge, but his speedrunning abilities may be a hindrance at times when playing it safe to avoid damage would be preferable. TMR has a habit of playing quickly and aggressively as a speedrunner, so he may need to break this habit in certain parts of the game.

Check out The Mexican Runner on Twitch to see this and other incredible challenges live.