Nintendo Switch Gets Price Cut in Europe Ahead of OLED Model Launch


The Nintendo Switch has been a smash hit for the company, with the console selling over 17 million units worldwide. However, its price was still too high for many gamers in Europe and now it’s getting a price cut ahead of the launch of the new model.

The Nintendo Switch Gets Price Cut in Europe Ahead of OLED Model Launch is a gaming article that discusses the price cut on the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo-Switch-Gets-Price-Cut-in-Europe-Ahead-of-OLEDImage credit: Nintendo

On October 8, Nintendo plans to introduce a new version of its best-selling Switch system with an improved OLED display for $349, but European buyers who think that price is too expensive will be able to get their hands on an earlier model for much less.

According to VGC, shops in Europe and the United Kingdom have started selling the original Nintendo Switch for €269.99 (down from €329.99) and £259.99 (down from £279.99). Nintendo UK has now confirmed the price reduction, explaining that the move was done for stratification reasons ahead of the OLED model’s release.

Nintendo UK said, “We made the pricing adjustment before the introduction of Nintendo Switch – OLED Model so that the price variations between each model in Nintendo’s own retail channel, My Nintendo Shop, would be what Nintendo deems to be acceptable for its own store.”

“Nintendo Switch continues to enjoy excellent sales momentum in Europe, more than four and a half years after its first debut. We determined that now was the right moment to adjust the Nintendo Switch European trade pricing after carefully considering a number of variables, including currency exchange rates in Europe and the impending introduction of the Nintendo Switch – OLED Model.”

Nintendo hasn’t said if a similar price reduction would be implemented in other regions, although it would be strange if the new pricing was just available in the United Kingdom. The Nintendo Switch, which was first launched on March 3, 2017, has gone on to sell over 90 million copies worldwide.

VGC is the source of this information.

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The nintendo switch console oled is a new model of the Nintendo Switch that will be released by Nintendo in Europe. It has been announced that the price of the Nintendo Switch will be cut ahead of its release.

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