Red War exotics have a serious need for a Catalyst update.

The Red War exotics are currently in a state where they are unable to be used, primarily due to the lack of an update. With this being said, it is time for the developers to finally take action and write one.

The best red war exotics 2023 is a topic that needs to be addressed. There are many players who have been waiting for a long time for the update, but it still has not been released.

destiny2 9 - Red War exotics have a serious need for a Catalyst update.

The article’s substance

After returning to the game after a six-season hiatus and a full expansion, I’ve discovered that the catalysts for some of the Red War exotics are dreadful. Newer exotics have some incredible catalysts, which essentially provide extra benefits that make them even more powerful. Some Red War catalysts do little more than crunch numbers or provide perks that an armor mod could easily duplicate.

I have a couple catalyst ideas that may be put on to the originals or completely replaced. Here’s a quick list that I hope Bungie would at least glance over for a fraction of a second:

Crimson Catalyst is a character in the game Crimson Catalyst.

  • Range: +18 years old
  • New opportunities:
  1. Killing opponents while at full health restores you with 10 HP each kill. It’s not enough to be OP when tanking monsters, but it’s just enough to maintain appropriate crowd management while tanking and rewarding grunt kills.
  2. After a melee kill, he heals somewhat.

Catalyst of Jade Rabbit:

  • Jade Rabbit’s stability is increased by 27.
  • New opportunities:
  1. To compensate for the fact that this is a scout rifle that ENCOURAGES body shots, add a mix of Snapshot Sights and Moving Target, and make it quick and responsive.

Sweet Catalyst for Business:

  • When completely spun up, it reduces flinch.
  • New opportunities:
  1. For even greater crowd control power, add an explosive payload.
  2. When ADSing, provide the ability to completely spin up but not fire (Similar to Heir Apparent)
  3. Add the relentless perk to give the weapon a more tanky crowd control approach, enabling users to clear opponents more efficiently without dying frequently while reloading or waiting for the spin up.
  4. Add the Subsistence perk to enable the weapon to reload itself while performing crowd control, eliminating the need for ammunition or the Actium War Rig.

Oath Catalyst for Skyburners:

  • +27 range (old)
  • New opportunities:
  1. The firerate of Aim Down Sight now equals that of Hipfire.
  2. Hipfired slug shots now have better tracking.
  3. Any element’s shields are subjected to additional harm.

Catalyst for the Sunshot:

  • Old: Increases Sunshot’s range and stability by 27 and 18 respectively.
  • New opportunities:
  1. When targets are fired, they now burn for a brief time.
  2. For targets killed, larger explosives are used.

Catalyst for Gravaton Lance:

  • Older: Target acquisition is better. Increases the range of Graviton Lance by 18%.
  • New opportunities:
  1. Cosmology now spawns and damages more void orbs.
  2. When killed with cosmology, massive void explosions occur.

Catalyst for Hard Light:

Old: Hard Light’s stability is increased by 18.

New opportunities:

  1. Add Dragonfly or Genesis to help with the crowd management function that it plays.

  2. A disruption break has been introduced, which is self-explanatory.


This is all I’ve come up with so far; other weapons have comparable catalysts that are, at best, unimpressive and should’ve been included to the weapons’ basic numbers from the start. Catalysts are intended to help low-performing exotics move up the food chain, however some of them don’t seem to be particularly successful. Since I have some free time, I thought it would be worthwhile to write a short article. Let us know what you think.

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For the game Destiny 2, write “Red War exotics have a severe need for a Catalyst upgrade.”

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