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With the release of Minecraft’s 1.12 update, players can now create their own skins for Legend of Zelda characters. Here are some of the best free skins that you can download and use in-game!

The minecraft link skin breath of the wild is a cool Minecraft skin that has been made by a talented artist.

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The kingdom of Hyrule has been the setting for the legendary Legend of Zelda franchise for decades.

It’s a large, spreading country with a diverse range of animals, flora, and biomes, all of which combine to create a massive world for Link to explore.

What could be a more fitting motif for a Minecraft build?

So, if you’re wanting to include a little Hyrule into your Minecraft world, you’ve come to the correct place.


Original Link No. 10 (Zelda 1)

Original Link from Zelda 1 / Minecraft Skin

Take a Look At This Skin

Let’s go back in time to 1986.

Everyone is dressed in polyester, the haircuts are massive and combustible, Nintendo fever is in full force, and the first Legend of Zelda game has just been released, permanently altering the gaming world.

Link’s original outfit, a Peter Pan-inspired green tunic and pointed cap worn over basic brown sleeves and boots, may be seen here.

For Zelda purists who want to preserve their early timelines canonical, this vintage style is perfect.

However, those of us born after Ronald Reagan’s presidency may find it a bit antiquated.

It was, however, the appearance that began it all. And it’s turned into a classic explorer outfit that’ll look perfectly at home in your Minecraft world.


Kokiri Tunic, No. 9 (Ocarina of Time)

OoT Link in Kokiri Tunic / Minecraft Skin

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This iconic green tunic, given to Link by the Kokiri Forest’s fairy people, is perhaps the most recognized of Link’s appearances.

It may not have any special abilities. However, it is always fashionable.

Even in the kingdom of Hyrule, the significance of brand awareness cannot be overstated.

This is typically what people think of when they think of Link.

Even though it’s become a bit dusty over time, it’s a skin worth preserving in the collection, if only for nostalgia’s sake.

Nostalgia is a big element of the Zelda world, as we all know.


Goron Tunic, No. 8 (Ocarina of Time)

OoT Link Goron Tunic / Minecraft Skin

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The Goron Tunic is a must-have for every Hyrule hero, whether you’re trying to make a dramatic fashion statement or simply attempting to explore the fiery temple without being roasted alive.

This bold red outfit was initially presented to Link by a thankful young Goron of the same name, and is fashioned from hand-picked Bomb Flowers and locally obtained Dodongo scales.

It’s Link’s most daring appearance to date.

It’s also a must-have item for anybody planning on going on an excursion in sweltering temperatures.


Zora Tunic, No. 7 (Ocarina of Time)

OoT Link Zora Tunic / Minecraft Skin

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The Zora Tunic completes the Triforce of Ocarina of Time costumes in this skin.

Link was gifted this beautiful blue clothing by King Zora himself, and it enables him to breathe underwater while also highlighting his blue eyes.

It’s constructed of fish gills, but if you get accustomed to the scent, it’s really very comfy.

Iron Boots are available individually.


Tunic of the Champion (Breath of The Wild)

Link BotW Champion’s Tunic / Minecraft Skin

Take a Look At This Skin

Link’s contemporary version, of course, has the most up-to-date appearance.

Link from Breath of the Wild is a man of many styles and costumes, but the Champion’s Tunic is a welcome addition to his colorful wardrobe – and it suits him well.

It’s the perfect outfit for recovering a lost country, paragliding across the wilderness, or just riding about on Epona, your faithful horse.

This powder blue tunic not only looks nice, but it also lets you view your opponent’s remaining life force (at least in the BotW…).

It’s still useful!


Dark Link is number five (Ocarina of Time)

OoT Dark Link / Minecraft Skin

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There must be darkness where there is light.

This holds true for heroes as well.

Dark Link is a shadow-magic mirror of regular Link who symbolizes the agony and terror that comes with confronting our inner darkness.

You may now interact with him in your Minecraft environment.

While Deku Nuts won’t be able to fight most of our inner demons, the idea of confronting one’s inner darkness is profound and relevant; maybe more significantly, the character looks extremely awesome.


4. Link to the Shadows (Four Swords Adventures)

Shadow Link from LoZ Four Swords / Minecraft Skin

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Shadow Link is similar to (but not identical to) Dark Link.

This is likewise a shadow-magic apparition, but it’s a physical manifestation of a defeated enemy’s hate and resentment transmuted into reality through Link’s reflection in the Dark Mirror, rather as a puppet-like copy of his worst parts of his deepest self…


The primary attraction here is, once again, the outfit’s coolness.

Shadow Link is usually depicted as a mix between an Enderman and a Gengar.

This costume, on the other hand, simplifies things by replacing Link’s normal clothing with a subdued gray suit and changing his distinctive blue eyes to a menacing shade of red. Spooky!

This is a skin worth trying if you’re searching for a skin that properly captures Link’s Emo/Goth era.


3. Link to the Wolf (Twilight Princess)

Wolf Link from Twilight Princess / Minecraft Skin

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Link is a multi-talented hero who often displays a wide range of skills.

He was a natural swordsman from birth, with incredible agility, renowned bravery, and an unwavering sense of adventure.

Link’s ability to transform into a wolf when in the Darkened Realm, due to his connection to the Triforce’s power, is one of his lesser-known abilities.

Isn’t it cool?

Here’s your opportunity to explore Hyrule (in Minecraft) in a really outrageous fashion ensemble by assuming the shape of the Hero’s fuzziest and cuddliest version yet.

Wasn’t Link the very first Furry?


2. The Dwarf Ganondorf (Ocarina of Time)

OoT Ganondorf / Minecraft Skin

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Everyone knows that a Zelda world can’t be complete without a strong villain lurking in the shadows, ready to rip it all apart.

Link’s heroism is met by an evil counterbalance.

The princess’s and the kingdom’s fates are threatened by a terrible corruption.

There’s a final boss…

While Link’s lifelong adversary and persistent opponent has numerous shapes and incarnations, the Ocarina of Time Ganondorf is without a question the most famous and recognized.

With his flowing crimson cloak and menacing black armor, we see him in this skin.

This skin would be perfect for anybody interested in seeing what The Legend of Zelda would be like if Link never got out of bed.


1. Zelda Princess (Skyward Sword)

Princess Zelda from Skyward Sword / Minecraft Skin

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Princess Zeldas abound in the Legend of Zelda chronology, which is somewhat expected.

Princesses in the Kingdom of Hyrule have no other legal name than this.

The mortal embodiment of the mythical goddess Hylia, heavenly ancestress to the founders of Hyrule, is Zelda in Skyward Sword.

As a result, the whole brand breaks apart without her.

And if you’re searching for a core character to build your Minecraft Zelda world around, you can’t go wrong with Zelda herself.

The answer is right there in the name.

The link minecraft skin download is a list of the best Legend of Zelda Minecraft skins.

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