Best battle pass rewards in Fallout 76 Season 6

The battle pass for Fallout 76 Season 6 is a free-to-play event that rewards players with cosmetic items and in-game currency. This season will introduce new challenges, quests, and more as it progresses.

The fallout 76 season 4 rewards is a battle pass that was introduced in the fourth season. It includes a variety of rewards such as cosmetic items and weapons.

Season 6 of Fallout 76 is officially out, bringing with it a slew of new features as well as a whole new battle pass for players to complete. If you’re doing challenges this season, this guide will show you the greatest prizes in the battle pass so you know what rankings to strive for.

Rank 16 Manta Man Sidekick Outfit

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This costume is a direct knockoff of Aquaman from the DC Comics world, and it’s amazing. This is the first prize you should claim if you want to wander about the wasteland with gear that won’t protect you from a Deathclaw’s bite or any kind of radiation.

Inspector Sidekick Underarmor and Costume – Rank 32

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As long as it’s a fly bite, this gear is much more successful in preventing harm. It does, however, make you seem like a magician’s helper, and there’s not much better than that. Go for this prize if you want to appear like a mix between a magician and Santa Clause.

Rank 36 – Antique Gas Pump and Brewing Workbench

antique-gas-pump-and-brewing-workbench-fallout-76-season-6Photographed by

This Workbench is the one you need in your Camp if you want to seem as though you’re producing whiskey in a different era. It’s without a doubt the best-looking Brewing Workbench we’ve seen in the game, and it’ll go with whatever steampunk style you attempt to achieve.

Rank 38 Mistress of Mystery Power Armor Excavator Paint

mistress-of-mystery-power-armor-excavator-paint-fallout-76-season-6Photographed by

This season’s battle pass has a variety of Power Armor paint, but we believe the Excavator version of the Mistress of Mystery paint looks the finest. This one is also pretty early in the combat pass, so if that’s all you’re interested in, it shouldn’t take long.

Telsa Rifle Paint – Silver Shroud – Rank 46

silver-shroud-tesla-rifle-paint-fallout-76-sason-6Photographed by

Make the Tesla Rifle seem to have been plucked from a steampunk London. This is without a doubt the finest weapon paint you can get in Fallout 76 Season 6, and it appears around halfway through the battle pass.

Rank 50: Maul

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You get a new Camp Ally: Maul in the midst of this season’s battle pass. He’s a Super Mutant who can assist you in your Camp but won’t be able to do much else. There are two allies in this season’s battle pass, but a Super Mutant ally is unbeatable.

Rank 54 Silver Shroud Sidekick Outfit

silver-shroud-sidekick-outfit-fallout-76-season-6Photographed by

In this season’s battle pass, the legendary Silver Shroud costume is finally available to claim, and it looks quite nice. This is the prize for dressing up like a 1950s private investigator and walking about the wasteland.

Rank 78: Wasteland Gong

wasteland-gong-fallout-76-season-6Photographed by

We don’t understand why you’d need convincing to go through with this. It’s a huge gong with a deadly appearance, and you can shatter it whenever you want in your camp this season.

Rank 86: Grognak’s Other Axe

grognaks-other-axe-fallout-76-season-6Photographed by

Pick up the axe that Grognak prefers to relax with at the end of the day instead of a large deadly weapon. You can create some great music with your pals while also knowing that anybody who doesn’t like your music may be killed.

Rank 88 Samureye Power Armor Paint

samureye-power-armor-paint-fallout-76-season-6Photographed by

This is the game’s finest villain Power Armor paint. As you stroll through the wasteland, make everyone bend to your will and seem like a boss.

98th F.E.T.C.H. Collectron Station

fetch-collectron-station-fallout-76-season-6Photographed by

The last entry comes towards the conclusion of the battle pass for this season, but it’s well worth the wait. While you’re out murdering Communists, have a robotic dog leave your camp to gather things for you.

The fallout 76 battle pass is a season of the online multiplayer game Fallout 76. It has been released for six months and has received many rewards and bonuses since its release.

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