Microsoft Is Updating Older Xbox Controllers with Next-Gen Features

Microsoft has announced that the Xbox One S controller will be updated to include Bluetooth connectivity, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and improved battery life. The company also plans to release new wireless controllers in the near future.

Microsoft has announced that they are updating older Xbox controllers with next-gen features. The update will allow players to connect their controllers wirelessly, and it will also include an updated design.

Microsoft-Is-Updating-Older-Xbox-Controllers-with-Next-Gen-FeaturesImage credit: Microsoft

Microsoft has announced the availability of a new firmware upgrade that will bring existing Xbox controllers closer to their next-generation Xbox Series X|S equivalents. Xbox One controllers with Bluetooth compatibility, the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 controller, and Xbox Adaptive Controllers are all being tested with the latest firmware upgrade.

Better cross-device communication is one of the benefits of the upgrade. This is due to the addition of Bluetooth Low Energy technology, which Microsoft claims will enhance device compatibility and make pairing simpler.

These controllers now support Bluetooth Low Energy, which improves device compatibility and enables for more seamless connection. With Bluetooth Low Energy, you’ll be able to play wirelessly from your console or cloud gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on the move on Windows 10 PCs, iOS 15+, and Android smartphones. These controllers will remember one Bluetooth host (e.g., smartphone) and one Xbox Wireless host (e.g., Xbox console) after downloading the firmware update, allowing you to swiftly and effortlessly switch between previously connected devices with a simple double press of the pair button.

Due to the addition of support for Dynamic Latency Input, the firmware upgrade will also allow decreased latency on earlier Xbox controllers (DLI). According to a Microsoft infographic from last year, DLI enables games to get immediate input, which means Xbox gamers should not feel any input lag.

1631215400_577_Microsoft-Is-Updating-Older-Xbox-Controllers-with-Next-Gen-FeaturesImage credit: Microsoft

With this firmware update, we’re introducing Dynamic Latency Input to these controllers for the first time (DLI). For a more immediate gaming experience and apparently instantaneous action, Dynamic Latency Input sends controller inputs to your Xbox Series X|S console more effectively.

As part of the Xbox Insider Program, the firmware upgrade is only accessible to Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha users today, but it shouldn’t be long until it’s completed and formally pushed out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use old Xbox controllers on next gen?

Yes, I am compatible with the Xbox One controller.

What is the difference between the old and new Xbox controller?

The old Xbox controller had a D-pad on the left side and a digital pad on the right. The new Xbox controller has an analog stick on both sides of the controller.

What happens when you update your Xbox One controller?

The controllers firmware is updated to the latest version.

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