Fallout 76: Fallout Worlds Update Notes – September 8, 2023

The September 8, 2023 update for Fallout 76 is available now. This update brings a new quest series, the addition of a new map to explore, and more.

The fallout 76 maintenance today 2023 is a note from the developers of Fallout 76. It tells players about what to expect in the next update.

The Fallout 76 Worlds Update is now out, bringing the Public and Worlds Made to Order game modes to the game. We’re also adding Double Mutation Weekends, new locations, a new opponent group, and more to Daily Ops. Continue reading to learn more!

Highlights from the most recent update

  • New Ways to Play: With Worlds in the Open, you can explore Appalachia like never before! All players have access to the specific game settings in each Public World, which are themed and accessible to all players.
  • Fallout 1st members may now create Custom Worlds to construct their own customized versions of Appalachia using a range of game settings.
  • Update for Daily Ops: Our newest expansion for Daily Ops adds Double Mutation events every other weekend, a new opponent group, three new locations, and new prizes!
  • Nuclear Winter Reward: The Nuclear Winter Mode has been turned off. Players’ accounts now receive Perk Coins depending on their success, and Nuclear Winter cosmetics may now be won through Public Events.

Version has been updated.

Check out the following download sizes for today’s patch on your preferred platform:

  • 15.3 GB PC (Bethesda.net)
  • 23.3 GB (Microsoft Store) for PC
  • 16.1 GB (Steam) PC
  • 22.8 GB PlayStation
  • 23.3 GB Xbox

Season 5 has been extended by two weeks.

We’ve identified a problem with Season 5 rank-ups, where players are unable to receive prizes for ranks bought using Atoms in certain instances. This has no effect on rank-ups obtained via S.C.O.R.E., but we’re working hard to solve it as quickly as possible so that everyone may enjoy the prizes they’ve earned.

As a consequence, Season 5 has been extended by two weeks, until September 21. While we strive to address the underlying problem, rank-up purchases using Atoms will be disabled for the first week. You may still rank-up by earning S.C.O.R.E. through Daily and Weekly Challenges. We’ll deploy our remedy and re-enable rank-up purchases during the second week, giving everyone plenty of opportunity to collect any prizes they earned during the two-week timeframe.

We know that many members of the community are looking forward to the start of Season 6, and we are as well. However, before we begin the next Season, we want to make sure that all players have access to their Season 5 prizes. Thank you so much, and please accept our apologies for any difficulty this has caused you.

Fallout Worlds is a new game in the Fallout franchise.

With this update for Fallout 76, we’re launching Fallout Worlds, which introduces two new game modes: Public Worlds and Custom Worlds, allowing players to experience the game in new and unique ways.

Public Worlds
  • The new Public Worlds option will let you break up your routine by providing unique worlds with a pre-selected collection of Fallout Worlds settings that are themed.
    • All players may join Public Worlds to explore a different Appalachia than the one seen in Adventure Mode.
  • At any one moment, only one Public World will be accessible to participants. We now intend to rotate Public Worlds once a month so that you may check out a range of new experiences on a regular basis. However, depending on community input and other variables, the frequency of rotations may vary in the future.
  • The first five Public Worlds you’ll be able to visit in-game are listed below. We’ll start with “Happy Builder,” as decided by our Public Test Server participants, then work our way through the remainder in the following order:
    • Happy Builder: C.A.M.P. limitations have been loosened, construction limits have been relaxed, all Map locations have been found, and PvP has been deactivated.
    • High Risk: No Fast Travel, always-on PVP, extra loot on death, free workbench crafting, and legendary item characteristics have been removed.
    • Dweller Must Die: Added “Dark Bog” weather effects, as well as increased opponent difficulty, damage, and item durability.
    • Max leap height, no fall damage, nuked animals and vegetation, and “Quantum Storm” weather in Quantum World.
    • Butcher’s Delight provides infinite ammunition, no VATS or melee attack AP costs, and improved dismemberment.
Custom Worlds
  • Players with current Fallout 1st memberships may now choose Custom Worlds from the Play menu to create a new kind of environment in which they can tweak a number of parameters to build an Appalachia suited to their preferences.
    • To create a Custom World, go to the Main Menu, choose Custom World, press “Select World Template,” and then experiment with the parameters you want to test.
    • In your Custom World, you may invite up to seven friends for a total of eight players.
    • Please note that with today’s update, Private Worlds mode has been renamed “Private Adventure” to distinguish it from Custom Worlds mode.
  • You may pick from a wide range of customization options while building your Custom World, so let your imagination run wild with the possibilities! Here are some of the choices available to you:
    • Workshop: Expand your construction options, remove the requirement for power, boost your C.A.M.P. budget and build height, loosen building limitations, and more.
    • Combat: Modify PvP rules, increase enemy difficulty, grant oneself unlimited ammunition, change item durability, and more.
    • General: Either disable Fast Travel or make it available for free. Select from a variety of unique weather effects, such as Radstorms and Nuke Zones, as well as brand-new weather effects, such as Quantum Storm and Dark Bog. Adjust leap height, fall damage, and even death effects to get a distinct perspective of Appalachia.
    • Please keep in mind that certain Custom World settings may have an effect on the performance of your game client. You may still use them, and you can always activate or disable them again if necessary.
  • You may currently store a Custom World you’ve made in one of three slots, and choose one of them to make it your active Custom World.
    • You can modify your Custom Worlds after you’ve done building them, so you may change them up as required even if you’ve filled all three Custom World spaces.
  • You will be able to connect into a friend’s Custom World if you are a Fallout 1st member and have previously played in it – even if the World owner is offline.
    • To do so, go to the Play menu and choose Custom Worlds, then click “View Worlds,” then select your friend’s World from the “Shared World” section and set it to “Active.” You may then play in that World by going to the Play menu and choosing Custom Worlds.
  • Don’t worry if you aren’t presently a Fallout 1st member. While your friends who are Fallout 1st members are online, you may still join them in their Custom Worlds.
Character Development
  • The progress that each of your characters makes in Public or Custom Worlds is unique to that planet and unrelated to Adventure Mode.
    • At any moment, you may clone your Adventure Mode character for use in a Public or Custom World, and you can have up to five Fallout World personas at once.
    • Characters may be manually unlinked from Public or Custom worlds once they have surpassed their 5-character maximum.
    • Your character’s progress in a Public World will be accessible as long as the Public World is playable.
  • Additionally, when playing in a Public or Custom World, Challenges cannot be performed, and you will not earn S.C.O.R.E., achievements, or trophies.

If you’re interested in learning more about Fallout Worlds, go here to read more. announcing fallout worlds - Fallout 76: Fallout Worlds Update Notes – September 8, 2023

Visit Bethesda.net to read our article, or visit the Fallout 1st page to read our FAQ.

Expansion of Daily Ops

Our most recent Daily Ops update introduces a new weekend event that increases the difficulty while also increasing the prizes. Continue reading for a quick rundown of everything we’re bringing to Daily Ops, including the Double Mutation Weekend events!

Weekend Events with Double Mutation
  • During Double Mutation weekends, Daily Ops will be randomized each day with opponents who have one of eight possible combinations of two Mutations.

    • Every other weekend, from Thursday through Monday, Double Mutation Weekend events will take place, beginning and finishing at the regular Daily Ops reset hour.
  • Daring adventurers willing to dive into Daily Ops when a Double Mutation event is running will receive the following enhanced rewards:

    • For the first and subsequent Elder Tier completions, 2–6 Legendary Cores are required.
    • Every time you play Daily Ops, you’ll get double XP.
    • Every Daily Ops gameplay will double your in-game cash prizes.
Double the Peril!
  • Check out the complete list of possible double Mutations that foes may wear during the upcoming weekend events so you know what to expect.
    • Freezing Touch and Swift-Footed Mutations are available to “Blistering” opponents.
    • Freezing Touch and Group Regeneration Mutations are available to “chilling” opponents.
    • Toxic Blood Mutations and Active Camouflage are available to “clouded” opponents.
    • Relentless: Enemies with the Resilient and Group Regeneration Mutations are known as “relentless.”
    • Freezing Touch and Toxic Blood Mutations are available to “stinging” foes.
    • Swift Stalker: Enemies that are “stalking” have Active Camouflage and Swift-Footed Mutations.
    • Volatile and Swift-Footed Mutations are found in “unstable” opponents.
    • Vaporous: Enemies with the Volatile and Active Camouflage Mutations are known as “Vaporous.”
New Opponents
  • Communists have been introduced to the pool of randomized opponent groups you may face in any Daily Ops mode.
Locations Have Changed
  • Fight your way through the Arktos Pharma Biome Lab, Watoga High School, and Uncanny Caverns, which have all been added to the Daily Ops randomized pool of locales.
Updates on Rewards
  • We’ve added plans for two legendary weapons, new themed cosmetics, and more to the Daily Ops update. Check out the whole list of new prizes that you may win by completing Daily Ops:
    • Arctic Marine Armor is a plan.
    • Pipe Wrench, Mechanic’s Best Friend
    • Sole Survivor Lever Action Rifle is the plan.
    • Suit: Hazmat Suit in Black
    • Mirelurk King Tube is the plan.
    • Outfit of the Blood Eagle Skull Lord
    • Helmet of the Blood Eagle Skull Lord
    • Paint for the Blood Eagle Auto-Grenade Launcher
Improvements to Daily Operations
  • Enemies: We fixed a few bugs that were impacting Mothman Hatchlings, and these adorable but dangerous animals will reappear when Cultists are the current Daily Ops enemy group.
  • Mutations: The damage from “volatile” enemy explosions has been modified, and now deals health percentage-based damage that is partly reduced by anti-explosion effects.
  • Timer for the Next Daily Ops Reset: We’ve included a timer so you can see when the next Daily Ops reset is coming up. After choosing a Daily Op from the World Activity Tracker, the timing may be found in the “Intel” area of the detailed Daily Ops menu.

Nuclear Winter Mode Has Its Benefits

The Nuclear Winter game mode has been deleted from Fallout 76 as of today’s release. Along with this update, all players that finished at least one Nuclear Winter match will get prizes, and many of the mode’s progression rewards will be accessible in Adventure Mode.

  • All players who have finished at least one Nuclear Winter match will get a Nuclear Winter themed Pennant to display in their CAMPs. Following today’s update, the Pennant will be added to your Wall Décor category in the construction menu within two weeks.
  • Perk Coins: As part of today’s update, we’re awarding Perk Coins to players depending on their success in Nuclear Winter Mode, so you may increase your collection of Legendary Added Value Cards.
    • For each Nuclear Winter Perk Card you acquired via the Nuclear Winter advancement system, you will get 6 Perk Coins.
    • You’ll also get one Perk Coin for each Overseer Ticket you earn.
    • These Perk Coins have already been added to your account, and you will have access to them as soon as you check in.
  • Many of the cosmetic prizes obtained through rising Overseer Ranks in Nuclear Winter are now accessible in Adventure Mode as rewards for completing Public Events. The following is a list of current events where you may acquire these cosmetics:
    • A Massive Problem
    • Encryptid
    • Paradise Project
    • Earth is scorched
    • Festive Scorched and Treasure Hunter are two limited-time events.
  • Nuclear Winter Trophies and Statues will only be available to players who have progressed through the ranks of the Nuclear Winter advancement system.

You can read more about our rationale behind this change in this post on Fallout.com, or go here for more information on how awards are delivered.

User-Interface Design

  • Pip-Boy: Junk obtained from scrapping things will now display in the “New” tab of the Pip-Boy.
  • Pip-Boy: Stack weight may now be used to categorize inventory items.
  • Pip-Boy: When scrolling through the Pip-Boy inventory, selecting the top item now moves the player’s selection to the bottom of the list, and vice versa.


  • Vault 51 has been opened up for exploration in all game modes, including Adventure, in conjunction with this update for Fallout 76. To go inside, follow the red wire and explore about to discover more about what happened to the Dwellers of Vault 51.

Additional Enhancements & Bug Fixes

  • Appliances: A bug that caused portions of the Classic Jukebox to go invisible has been fixed.
  • Armor: Character models with the muscular body type no longer clip through the Covert Scout Armor Torso.
  • Emotes: A bug that may have caused a player to get trapped in an Emote animation loop has been fixed.
  • Headgear: A variety of headwear items, including face coverings, have been fixed so that they don’t clip into the faces of female character models.
  • Melee Weapons: The Cultist Dagger’s attack animations are now accurate.
  • Duplicate vines no longer emerge and float around when parts of Strangler Heart Power Armor are transferred to a Power Armor Chassis.
  • Ranged Weapons: The Minigun’s Lucille’s Lullaby Paint now applies properly to the weapon’s Tri-Barrel upgrade.
  • Ranged Weapons: While wearing Power Armor, corrected the direction of the Minigun’s barrel spin.
  • During the Cheating Death quest, objects in Lou’s Mine now animate properly.
Workshops & C.A.M.Ps
  • Appliances: After fast traveling or logging out, the RobCo Snow Machine now stays turned off.
  • When an auto-blueprint is created by changing CAMP sites, the “Store” button is no longer visibly greyed out when that blueprint is chosen in construction mode.
  • Budget: Maximum construction counts now account for things that have previously been stored properly.
  • Displays: An problem where objects might visibly fall off of the Display Cases that the player has allocated them to has been resolved.
  • Lights: Instead of “Take,” the option that displays while seeing a damaged Fire Barrel is now titled “Repair.”
  • Standing slightly outside the buildable area of a C.A.M.P. no longer stops the player from constructing a Shelter Entrance inside it.
  • After leaving build mode in the Mount Blair Workshop, the visible construction border no longer exists.
  • Cultist Ghouls now properly count for Challenges requiring players to kill Cultists on a daily basis.
Daily Ops
  • Audio: Music relevant to the game mode is now correctly played in Daily Ops locations.
  • While afflicted by Freezing Touch, weapon sound effects have been slowed down.
  • Enemies in Daily Ops will now drop shotgun shells more often while using a Pepper Shaker with a regular magazine.
  • During Daily Ops within Vault 96, cultist opponents now properly show goal markers above.
  • Enemies: After launching a single rocket, enemies with rocket launchers no longer cease shooting at the player.
  • Enemies: Daily Ops bosses no longer prefer to assault the player with melee attacks over their main weaponry.
  • Enemies: A bug that may have made Mothman Hatchlings unstoppable has been fixed.
  • Enemies: Mothman Hatchlings are no longer inactive.
  • Enemies: A bug that caused Mothman Hatchlings to get trapped in walls after teleporting has been fixed.
  • Enemies: While attacking, camouflaged Mothman Hatchlings are no longer invisible.
  • During the quest “The Ol’ Weston Shuffle,” entering a Daily Op at Watoga Civic Center no longer causes erroneous quest targets to appear in the Daily Op instance.
  • Markers: While in a Daily Ops instance, custom map markers no longer show on the Compass.
  • Opponents with Volatile no longer do damage to other enemies when they die.
  • Except for grenades and mines, all weapons used by “Freezing” opponents now have the Freezing Touch effect.
  • Mutations: After exiting a Daily Op, the Freezing Touch effect no longer affects players.
  • Mutations: When the Pip-Boy is struck by opponents who have Freezing Touch, a Freezing Touch effect appears in the Pip-Boy.
  • Mutations: The Toxic Blood effect no longer applies damage abruptly.
  • After completing a Daily Op, enemies with Volatile or Toxic Blood no longer detonate and harm players.
  • Enemies with Group Regeneration now heal their surrounding teammates correctly.
  • Mutations: Enemies’ resilient visual effects no longer last after they’ve been healed.
  • Mutations: Shooting opponents with Resilient no longer results in black decals appearing on their body every now and again.
  • Mutations: After spawning, enemies with Resilient no longer show the Resilient visual effects.
  • Operation Report: The Elder Tier prize description language now properly indicates that the player will get a rare reward on their first completion.
  • Fixed an issue that may have caused the Operation Report to show an abnormally long completion time.
  • Prizes: A bug was fixed that enabled players to win Daily Ops rewards more often than they were supposed to while playing during the daily reset.
  • Subtitles: Several of Vernon Dodge’s voice lines now have subtitles that match his narration.
Quests & Events
  • A Knight’s Penance: After clearing the rock wall during the quest, the Shovel loses its quest item status.
  • Picking up a hint during the “Defeat the Robots” objective and then logging out no longer stops this quest from advancing when you log back in.
  • When questioned about the Putnams, Paladin Rahmani now delivers the proper dialogue depending on the player’s selections.
  • VATS can now hunt down Mad Dog Malone.
  • Missing Persons: A bug that prevented players from continuing through the quest after discovering the Dove Necklace has been fixed.
  • Monster Mash: A player’s position on the event leaderboard no longer stops them from participating in Daily Ops.
  • One Violent Night: Enemies no longer stand still or flee when the player plays an instrument.
  • The Catalyst: After completing the mission, Russell Dorsey will no longer be within Fort Atlas.
  • The Elusive Crane: A bug was fixed that allowed players to obtain an item reward from the RobCo Cache multiple times.
  • When trying to sell or purchase Fuel, the Ammunition Converter will remove or give Cryo ammo. This has now been fixed.
  • Apparel: The Mr. Claus Beard and the Centurion Helmet may no longer be worn at the same time.
  • Legendary Cores: Transferring a Legendary Core into a container now properly displays the warning “You can’t put it here.”
  • Legendary Weapons: Fixed an issue that caused melee weapons with the legendary feature “Reflects 50% of melee damage when blocking” to do more damage than they should.
  • Melee Weapons: Sheepsquatch Clubs may now be picked up correctly in the environment.
  • Ranged Weapons: Black Powder Weapons now have a “No appearance” mod, and weapon paints applied by the player may now be erased.
  • Legendary Items: In non-English versions of the game, superfluous additional words were removed from the prefixes of some legendary attribute names.
  • Legendary Power Armor: In the French version of the game, the name of the Bolstering Legendary Power Armor modifications has been corrected.
  • Quests: A bug in the Italian version of the game caused several of Knight Shin’s conversation choices to be ignored during “A Knight’s Penance.”
  • Minerva: Removed a number of item plans that may be acquired elsewhere from Minerva’s inventory, such as the Ammo Converter and Chicken Coop.
  • NPCs wearing Power Armor are no longer impacted by the debuffs produced by having an empty Fusion Core.
Perk Cards
  • Cannibal: Players who are not the Team Leader on a team may now eat corpses within instanced cells properly.
  • Grenadier: Increases the explosion damage radius of grenades correctly now.
  • Lock and Load: The quicker reload effect is no longer removed while entering or leaving Power Armor.
Stability and performance
  • Client: A bug that may cause the game client to crash after equipping Power Armor has been fixed.
  • Client: Game client crashes that may occur during regular gaming have been addressed.
  • Client: Fixed an issue where “undefined” objects might appear in the Pip-Boy inventory, causing the client to crash when examining or choosing them.
  • Client: During a time of intense fighting, switching between first- and third-person view while viewing a container no longer causes the game client to crash.
User-Interface Design
  • The symbol for the Survival Tent now shows properly on the Compass.
  • Main Menu: After starting the game, aggressively clicking buttons to get to the Main Menu faster no longer displays “Max Rank” in the Seasons widget.
  • Perk Cards: If a player owns both the animated and regular versions of a Perk Card on PC, they may now be chosen using the mouse.
  • Scoreboard: After achieving Rank 130, the following repeating rank-up award now displays properly on the Scoreboard.
  • Scoreboard: A bug that caused the Scoreboard to display when the player was already working on a crafting Workbench has been fixed.
  • Pressing the “Defaults” button now correctly restores all Game Settings to their default settings.
  • Settings: On PC, using the mouse to toggle the Controller option to “On” no longer stops the player from using a controller to navigate the Game Settings menus.
  • Social: A bug that caused pending friend invitations to vanish after a few minutes been fixed.
  • When a player’s friends list was accessed, an issue that caused them to seem offline to their friends was fixed.
  • Environment: Several places where the player could see outside of the game world have been corrected.
  • Foundation: Fixed a bug that may cause Paige to become trapped in Foundation.
  • Pathing: Several places throughout Appalachia where players might get trapped have been fixed.
  • Pathing: In the R&G Processing Services construction area, a ramp that opponents and players couldn’t go up was fixed.
  • Vault 94: After choosing the “Vault 94 Purpose” option, the Vault 94 Community Terminal no longer opens an erroneous Terminal submenu.
  • Vault-Tec University: Protectrons are no longer trapped in the Vault-Tec University Computer Lab.

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The fallout 76 steel reign patch notes are the latest update notes for Fallout 76. This update has been released on September 8, 2023.

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