Hitman 3 Sniper Assassin guide for Dartmoor Garden Show

In this guide, we will cover the most important aspects of Hitman 3 Sniper Assassin. We will also provide a Dartmoor Garden Show map and a list of all possible targets with their location.

Dartmoor Garden Show is set in a reimagined version of Hitman 3’s Dartmoor setting. The majority of players noticed that there is no way to reach the mansions’ upper levels, making a fun sniper assassin run impossible. However, this tutorial will show you how to reach to those higher levels and finish the mission’s quiet assassin sniper assassin run.

Make use of this contract.

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While climbing to a balcony and therefore having fun with a sniper assassin run in Dartmoor Garden Show may seem difficult, we’ve discovered a solution. Several modders have hacked the task and built Contracts that are tough as nails and ideal for sniper assassin runs. On each platform, the Contract on which this tutorial is built needs a very particular code. To find it, go to the Contracts menu, choose Contract Lookup, and put in the appropriate code for your platform from the list below.

  • 2-28-3353326-12 (PlayStation)
  • 3-28-9647851-37 (Xbox)
  • 1-28-8481307-04; fax: 1-28-8481307-04

The Contract should appear as a result of this. Then all you have to do is choose it, prepare beforehand, and play.


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For this Contract, we suggest a very particular loadout. You’ll obviously need a sniper rifle, so choose your favorite suitcase. The Majestic sniper weapon, which is a prize for finishing The Pride Profusion, is our choice. You’ll also need a remote distraction, ideally the ICA Remote Audio Distraction Device, as well as the Remote Emetic Gas Device. Place this in the Deliveries area of the task for you to pick up. Finally, dress Agent 47 in a stylish outfit and begin the operation.

The Initial Setup is the first step.

The first thing you should do when you get at the starting point is search the main entrance for your smuggled object. It should be floating near the vehicles on the right side of the house in mid-air. Because the Contract is a compromised version of the task, this is the case. Once you get this, descend the stairwell and turn around to grab the emetic rat poison. The rat poison is marked on the map below.

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Make your way to the rungs of the ladder now. This is the normally useless shortcut in this task. The ladder is marked on the map below.

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Climb up the ladder after retrieving your sniper weapon from your briefcase at the bottom. This will take you to a balcony with a view of the garden display below, as well as pretty much every target you’ll need to kill.

Step 2: The first assassination

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The photographer, who can be seen out to the right, is your first target. Unless you create a diversion, she’ll be photographing another lady for the length of the assignment. Move down and to the right after looking at the couple via your sights. You must shoot the ground from a distance that is more than the distance between the pair’s feet, but not so much that they will miss it.

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Shoot your victim in the head once the lady in white has gone away and is standing in the other direction. This should kill them and send their bodies into the river, where they will be hidden. The other lady will resume her normal routine, as if nothing has occurred.

Step 3: The second assassination

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The second target you must eliminate is a waiter who will stand at the hedge maze’s edge, smoking. You must lure him into the bushes in front of him in order to kill him. Fire a shot into the bushes near enough for him to hear, just like you did with the first target. If he does, he’ll explore the sounds by walking over to the bushes. Shoot him in the head once he’s in the bushes to murder him and conceal his corpse at the same time.

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Step 4: The third assassination

Now focus your attention on the second pair of NPCs along the river, one of whom is a target. The guy is the target, and if you kill him without first distracting her, she will notice. Shoot the ground to the right of the pair, just like you did with the first target. This should entice her to leave. Then, while she’s distracted, shoot the guy in the head, causing him to fall into the stream and vanish. We discovered that the guy will sometimes examine our shoot instead of the lady, so make sure your shot isn’t too near.

Step 5: The fourth assassination

Your third objective is more difficult than the previous two. Your sniper weapon should be left on the balcony. You’ll get it when you’re ready. Make your way down the ladder to the greenhouse, where your third target is smoking uncomfortably near to a possible witness.

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Your distraction should be placed in the bush nearest to the target. After that, return to the balcony and get your sniper rifle. Activate the remote distraction by aiming down the sights at the couple. This should get the man’s notice, and he’ll walk away to summon some guards to come and retrieve it. Just sit tight and wait for it to happen. Then, to frighten the guy, shot the ground around him a couple of times. He should flee. Make sure you’re not too near to your target when you do this. Otherwise, she’ll flee as well.

After the guy has left, fire at the ground in front of the bush closest to your target. It needs to be near since she seems to be deaf and doesn’t hear any bullets that don’t come close to hitting her. Shoot her in the head as she approaches the shot, and she should cartwheel into the brush, her body hidden.

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We suggest returning down to double-check that the body is still concealed. The target’s legs were poking out the rear of the bush during one of our efforts, and the corpse was found as a consequence. This may be fixed by pulling the corpse further into the undergrowth.

Step 6: The ultimate assassination

This final kill requires some preparation, but it’s very simple to execute. Return to the balcony with your sniper weapon and down the ladder. In the briefcase, place the Remote Emetic Gas Device. You’ll be left with the remote to activate it. Pick up the briefcase and make your way to Gulshan Yazdani’s adjacent garden. He sports a pink outfit and is a possible target from the main objective.

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Pick up a screwdriver and toss it to the left of his garden’s entrance. Now turn left around the back of it and then right into the entrance where a gardener is attempting to repair a lawnmower. Make your way over to the shisha pipe, where no one will be able to see you. Poison the shisha pipe with emetic rat poison, then return to the rear of the garden to use the restroom.

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Wait for Gulshan to take a draw from the shisha pipe and sit down. He’ll feel ill and need to go to the bathroom to vomit. Hit him in the head with your briefcase as he turns the corner, then conceal his corpse in the adjacent shredder, but do not destroy him.

You can finally take out your target now that Gulshan is out of the way. Pick up your briefcase and go to your ultimate destination, a housekeeper. When you activate the Remote Emetic Gas Device, green gas will be sprayed all around her. This should make her ill, and she should go to the same restrooms where Gulshan intended to puke. As soon as you can, go to your sniper rifle.

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You should be able to observe the target while he or she walks to the restroom. We discovered that she had a bug at one point, wandering about as if she wasn’t going to get sick, until the proper symbol appeared over her head. Regardless, she’ll find her way to the restroom. Wait for her to go up to the toilet and open the door. She’ll shuffle around it so she can get sick, but this will also obstruct her view. To achieve the kill, shoot her before she hides behind the door.

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You may quit the operation after the last target has been killed. If you’re concerned, you may descend and pull the target’s corpse farther out of sight, but as long as you’re quick, you won’t be found. Although the boat exit provides slightly more XP, the adjacent bridge exit is quicker.