Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Goddess Cubes Guide – How to Get

This guide will help you on how to get the Goddess Cubes in Skyward Sword.

The skyward sword goddess cube skyview temple is an item in the Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword. This guide will show you how to get this item and what it does.

Goddess Cubes guide – what are Goddess Cubes and how do you acquire them in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is a video game developed by Nintendo. The Goddess Cube Guide explains what Goddess Cubes are and how to utilize them. The God cubes are full of rare and expensive items that you should keep an eye on.


Goddess cubes may be discovered throughout the game in different locations. Each cube holds a unique object or rupee that may be obtained. The goddess cubes, on the other hand, must be opened in a certain manner in order to reveal the riches inside.

Instructions for the Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Goddess Cubes

We’ve detailed how to locate the goddess cubes and how to open them in order to get the wealth they contain below.

To get the Goddess cubes unlocked

During their travels, players will come across these purple cubes in different places. The god blocks are hard to overlook, but you may be wondering what they’re for. As previously said, these cubes hold valuable goods, but unlocking them requires a unique maneuver.

You must charge your sword by striking the air while you are near the Goddess Cube in order to open it. When your sword is completely charged, strike the dice when you’re ready to fight. The cube will be launched into the air as a result of this. The next step is to locate the cube, which you may accomplish by accessing the map and following the route it indicates.

All you have to do now is take the things from the goddess cube and embark on your next journey. As you travel the globe, you will undoubtedly come across several of these goddess cubes. Keep an eye on them and make sure you take any treasures you may not otherwise discover with you.

Positions of the goddess cube

# Location Where can I discover Remuneration
1 Deep in the woods After speaking with Gorko Goron, proceed along the wires to the cube. The adventure bag has been updated.
2 Deep in the woods The Skyview temple is not far away. A little bit of the heart
3 Deep in the woods It’s also near the Skyview Temple’s entrance, where you have to pull a claw from above to obtain it. Medal in Rupees
4 Skyline of the Temple Go to the Sky View well after finishing the Sky View temple and look behind the goddess statue to discover it. 300 rupees in gold
5 Volcano Eldin Descend to the brink of the Eldin volcano after entering the area. You’ll be sent to the cube as a result of this. seeds in a tiny bag
6 Volcano Eldin After meeting Mogma, you’ll come to a fork in the road that divides into three directions. To get to the cube, walk down the stairs to the left and then to the right. 100 rupees in silver
7 Volcano Eldin Use the mitts to dig west of the Earth Temple’s entrance, which will lead to a geyser. To get to the cube, drop a bomb to blow out the rock, then utilize the geyser. 300 rupees in gold
8 Volcano Eldin It will be on the ledge at the place where you must descend down into the hole. 300 rupees in gold
9 Volcano Eldin The Bokoblin enemies can be found east of the Earth Temple’s entrance. Behind the cottages will be the cube. Medal of Honour
10 Volcano Eldin It may be found near the sand hill in the northeastern corner of the map. Use the geyser on the left to get to the platform where the cube is situated by sliding. A little bit of the heart
11 Mine of Lanairoo Go south of the bird statue at the mine’s entrance. 100 rupees in silver
12 Desert of Lanairo You must utilize the hooked beetle to hurl a bomb at Ampilus in the southwestern section of the desert. Use his bowl to go over it again. Medal of the Heart
13 Desert of Lanairo To get to the cube, blow apart a destructible wall in the desert’s northeastern corner, then use claw punches on the grab spots. Medal of the Heart
14 Desert of Lanairo You’ll need a claw to go to the Lanairoos mine, where it’ll be on a platform. Medal of Honor
15 Sand Sea of Lanairoo To enter the cave, travel to the north side of the opening where you originally encountered Skipper and use the claw on the boxes. 300 rupees in gold
16 Lanairoo Gorge is a gorge in the Lanairoo National Park This ravine is found during a mission in which you must plant a young tree of life in the northeastern section of the map. slender quiver
17 Temple of Time is a time-traveling temple. When you get in this location, go to the northwest corner to utilize the time stone. A cube is a kind of block that may be found in Minecraft. A little bit of the heart
18 Faron Woods is a fictional character created by Faron Woods is a fictional character created by Faron Woods is a fictional character created by Faron Woods Look down after you exit the large tree after utilizing the water dragon scale to notice a cube next to the tree. 100 rupees in silver
19 Faron Woods You’ll discover a cube at the bottom of the huge tree if you go around the top of it. To get there, go down and utilize the internet. A little bit of the heart
20 Faron Woods Lean on the ledge of the large tree where you speak to Kikwi and gaze down. A rope will lead to the cube, which will be on the floor. Medal in Rupees
21 Lake Floria A statue of a bird may be seen at Floria’s lake. Look about and make your way to the cave’s bottom, where the cube is located. 300 rupees in gold
22 Lake Floria On the way to the Water Dragon, at the entrance of the Old Cistern. When you look up, you’ll see a claw being dragged through the vines to reach the cube. 300 rupees in gold
23 The captain has decided to retire. To get to it, you’ll need a claw at the top of the pole. Brewers get a medal.
24 Fortress of Pirates Turn around after finishing the Pirate Fortress dungeon and leaving to drag your claws up to the top platform. A little bit of the heart
25 Top of the Volcano There is a ledge next to the waterfall where you may leap and slide down. A little bit of the heart
26 Top of the Volcano Many pillars may be found if you turn left at the entrance to the fire shrine. At get to the cube, use the claw. a little bomb bag
27 Top of the volcano It can be found on the right after entering the top of the Hero’s Song quest. Bottle

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The goddess cube locations map is a guide that will help players find the Goddess Cubes in Skyward Sword.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you open the Goddess Cubes in Skyward Sword?

To open the Goddess Cubes in Skyward Sword, you have to use the D-Pad on your controller and move it left or right.

How do you open a Goddess Cube?

To open a Goddess Cube, you must first hit it with your sword. Once the cube is broken, you can pick up the pieces and use them as weapons.

How do you get all the Goddess Cubes in lanayru?

You need to complete the main quest line in Lanayru, where you will find a Goddess Cube.

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