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The best games are those that give players a sense of ownership and immersion. In the past, developers have been able to achieve this through a variety of methods including DLCs, micro-transactions, and expansions. But what happens when every player has the same experience?

The What Does It Do & How Do You Get It? is a question that many people ask, but not everyone knows the answer. This blog will give you an introduction to what it does and how you can get it.

In Final Fantasy XIV, Krakkah Root is a consumable that may be used to train your Chocobo companion. You may earn a little sum by completing missions or growing your own.

Unlike other Chocobo meals, cracked root offers no benefit to your feathery companion.

But don’t panic; you’ll quickly discover a plethora of other methods to supplement your pet’s nutrition.

What’s the best way to obtain Krakka root?

For completing the Bird in the Hand assignment, you will get five Krakka roots.

This level 30 quest builds on the My Little Chocobo and My Dashing Little Chocobo quests, which allow you to ride and battle with your first riding animal.

By the way, if you’re playing alone, it’s worth it to utilize your Chocobo. They serve as an extra member of the team in the upper world, tanking enemies for you.

You’ll have to develop your own krakaka roots if you need more than the first five.

However, you must have your own player/company housing, and seeds may be bought from the different housing complexes’ material merchants.

If that fails, go to the closest market and purchase some items.

What can you do with Krakka root?

Let’s take a look at the Chocobo goods that are now available, as well as the favorites system.

If you want your partner to be as powerful as possible, you must grasp this set.

Here are some of your meal choices, as well as the bonuses they may provide:

Silk Bud (effect grows if preferred, companion’s EXP rises) Pumpkin Mimetta (if preferred, companion’s healing strength rises, and impact grows) Tantalum Plant (maximum HP of companion rises, and impact increases if preferred) Pahsana’s Fruit (enmity between companions grows, effect grows if preferred) Root of Krakka (no effect)

As you can see, the only meal that does not provide boost is krakka root.

So, what’s the big deal?

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You may keep Chocobos and feed them every hour to gain EXP after you acquire the option to keep them in your own house or on Free Company land.

This enables your Chocobo to advance even if you are busy or unavailable.

It’s even better if you can get the help of your fellow members of the free society to feed him while you’re not around.

If you feed the Chocobos the same meal 10 times in a row, it will become their favorite.

When used outside the pen, favorites have a greater kick.

You may want your Chocobo to be stronger in various areas depending on your job. So you’ll need a hostility buffer if you’re a long-distance trucker. If you’re a tank, you may need more attention or harm.

You can essentially override a Chocobo’s favorite meal by feeding him something different after you’ve discovered it.

You’ll have to start again with a new favorite and will no longer be able to use higher level buffs.

The preferred food status is unaffected by the tear root.

So, if you have a favorite chamois that you don’t want to lose, cracca root is the answer.

There’s one more point to think about.

If you’ve established a favorite meal, feeding it to a stablemate is obviously not a good idea.

You may keep your food supplies in the freezer until you need them.

As a result, Krakow root is a great filler for stable feed.

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