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In League of Legends, split pushers are champions that have the ability to push waves of minions into their opponents’ base. These champions include Nautilus, Blitzcrank, and Malphite.

The lol best split pushers 2023 is a list of the best split pushers in League of Legends.

Are you fed up with your nasty teammates?

Tired of your friends calling a halt to all teamfights and refusing to give you a pill while you attack Udir via tunnel vision?

Then I’ve got some great news for you!

In order to win an on-screen victory, there is a style of play that does not need you to fight as a team or cling to friends like glue: Divide and conquer.

You lead the game as a distributor by remaining as far away from your allies as possible.

In reality, they stand on the other side of the map to draw the enemy’s attention away from you while you deal with minions, demolish towers, and slip inhibitors in undetected.

It’s as simple as that: they exert worldwide pressure.

You gradually weaken your opponent by requiring them to make a sacrifice every time they get (or attempt to obtain) anything.

While any champion with the proper items and macros can theoretically perform split-punch, it goes without saying that some are more suited than others (no offense to Malfit).

This season, I’ve prepared a list of the greatest split pushers (S11), so you’ll know precisely which champions to add to your main team to fulfill your solitary desires.

8. Sung


Singed’s distinct playing style is unlikely to persuade everyone.

His capacity to divide personas, on the other hand, is obvious.

While he isn’t the greatest duelist – until his opponent forgets Rule 1 and chooses to go after him – his crowd management and speed of movement enable him to easily beat any opponent who stands in his way.

Furthermore, due to its Q, it has a very short axle travel.

Singed isn’t up to the task of competing with the other cleavage pushers on the list. It doesn’t deal much damage to turrets since it has no attack speed or automatic attack reinforcement.

Yes, it is correct:

Singed is the way to go if you want a split-pusher that will always knock your opponent out.

7. A podium


The finest fission weapons are very steady, dependable in duels, and capable of rapidly taking over turrets.

The easiest way to accomplish this is with a trundle bed.

He has a high survivability because to his passive healing and life-giving ultimates.

His abilities enhance his attack speed and damage, allowing him to easily demolish opponents and towers.

Troll King isn’t the strongest splitting pusher in the current meta, despite its crushing nature; its damage doesn’t scale well, and it drops late in the game.

Camille is number six.


Camilla is without a doubt one of the game’s most nimble and slippery champions, making her almost difficult to capture or escape from.

When you combine their great mobility with their damage output, you’ve got yourself a powerful division pusher.

Her battling abilities may not be as good as Fiora’s, but she has a different sort of strength:

In teamfights, she is also a force to be reckoned with.

This makes her a lot safer split pusher than other champions, since she can still contribute to the game if the split pusher fails.

5. Yorick


The split push’s primary goal is to generate pressure, and Yorick does it wherever he goes.

Also, in cases when it isn’t present:

His Maiden and Mist Walker can do the task separately, allowing him to handle two duties at once.

Yorick is a monstrous schemer as a result of his relationship with rotten corpses and creaking ghosts, which is unsurprising considering his connection with rotting corpses and creaking ghosts.

The only reason he’s not higher on this list is because he’s a jerk.

He isn’t mobile, therefore he’ll be vulnerable to attack if he doesn’t have excellent visibility.

4. Nasus


Nasus, a.k.a. Susan, is in fourth place.

It is also the most widely used pre-Dogecoin cryptocurrency.

Given that split pushers depend heavily on farming to maintain their strength, it’s no surprise that this doge is well-suited to this style of play:

He does greater damage the more stacks he has.

Nasus becomes a 1v5 machine with enough stacks to drive opponents insane.

What if he doesn’t rip every opponent to shreds who attempts to stop him?

With his AoE ability, he damages towers and eliminates waves.

3. Fiore


Fiora is known as a superb duelist, and with good reason:

It can win virtually any battle if played correctly, regardless of the power of the opponent tanked or the number of countermeasures available.

Fiore’s split-push potential is enhanced by the fact that the other side must always send at least two players to deal with him.

The only drawback?

She has excellent qualifications.

However, after you’ve mastered it, you’ll be able to annihilate the opponent left, right, and center as your friends defend goal after goal.

2. Jax


The game’s strongest phase may not be Jax’s.

When he’s in the midst of a game, though, he transforms into an aggressive split-pusher who attracts pressure like a magnet.

He develops quickly, and his passive attack speed enables him to rapidly demolish towers (and opponents).

Say goodbye to your rooks, inhibitions, and chances of victory if you don’t quit Jax soon.

Trindamer is number one.


Finally, we’ll look at the final separation slider:

Trindamer, ruler of the barbarians, good old Trindamer.

Everyone is terrified of Trindamer.

Once you choose him from the champions list, he has a natural capacity to deceive the opponent.

But what is it that makes it so terrifying, terrible, and perfect?

Every aspect of his gear helps him enhance his split-push technique.

He can fire turrets like they’re slaves, battle anybody who attempts to stop him to death (without dying), and simply flee after he’s been forced off the path, taking everything with him.

This is without even considering the fact that scaling is useless.

The game gets more unstoppable (and weird) as it progresses.

The only drawback of Trindamer is that it’s a little pricey.

His right hand is much more powerful than his left.

The fastest tower pusher lol 2023 is a split pusher that has been dominating the game for quite some time. It’s also one of the best characters in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Split pushing good?

Split pushing is an aggressive strategy in which one player or team attempts to divide the other players on the opposing team, causing them to be unable to defend against the incoming attack.

Who is the fastest pusher in League of Legends?

Im not sure who the fastest pusher is in League of Legends, but I can tell you that there are some players who have been known to push for up to 100 games in a row without losing.

Is Zed good at Split pushing?

Zed is good at split pushing in the sense that he can use his skills to kill enemies without taking too much damage.

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