TSMC and Other Manufacturers Announce Delayed Orders and Revenue Losses amid Supply Shortages

In a recent announcement, TSMC and other manufacturers have revealed that they are experiencing delayed orders and revenue losses amid supply shortages. This is due to the continuing demand for cryptocurrency mining chips from the likes of Bitmain, Canaan Creative, Ebang, Innosilicon, and others.

The what caused the chip shortage 2023 is a question that has been asked before. TSMC and other manufacturers announced delayed orders and revenue losses amid supply shortages.

TSMC-and-Other-Manufacturers-Announce-Delayed-Orders-and-Revenue-LossesTSMC is the source of this image.

Both before and during the pandemic, the semiconductor manufacturing industry experienced changes. There are many variables that influence the business, including weather, a random power loss, and worldwide supply constraints. Because of all of these issues, TSMC and other manufacturers have announced price increases and order delays for 2023.

TSMC previously stated that pricing for its 7 nm and thinner nodes will be raised by around 10%, while some hikes may be as high as 20% for its bigger 16 nm processes. Due to shortages, lead times may increase to 4 to 5 months. The long-term implications of these changes for others wanting TSMC goods need to be explored, since TSMC is a major supplier for Apple and Intel. According to recent rumors, NVIDIA is sourcing GPUs from AMD for its GeForce RTX 40 Series graphics cards.

Manufacturers of notebooks, server components, desktop computers, and monitors have all made identical announcements. Wistron reported an 8.9% drop in revenue year over year. Inventect also lost 22.7 percent year over year, although both businesses claimed record revenue and shipping increases in different months during the past year. Both companies have blamed component shortages for their failure to fulfill demand and order delays. Several other businesses have recorded comparable monthly highs and increases, but overall losses.

1631205669_60_TSMC-and-Other-Manufacturers-Announce-Delayed-Orders-and-Revenue-LossesTSMC is the source of this image.

According to industry insiders, Taiwan’s top-tier IC design firms have informed clients of additional price increases for their chip solutions beginning in the first quarter of 2023, since TSMC supply lead times have been extended to 4-5 months.

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The chip shortage update is a recent announcement by TSMC and other manufacturers that they will be delaying orders and experiencing revenue losses due to the chip shortages.

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